George and the Ship of Time

The final adventures of Annie and George, George 6

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ISBN/EAN: 9780552575294
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 398 S.
Format (T/L/B): 2.6 x 19.8 x 13 cm
Lesealter: 9-11 J.
Einband: Paperback


When George finds a way to escape the spacecraft Artemis, where he has been trapped, away from friends and family, for a year, he is overjoyed. Finally, he can return home to Earth! But when George touches down, he knows immediately that something is wrong. He's only been away for a year, and yet everything is different. In fact, because of the theory of relativity, George has landed on an Earth 60 years in the future! 9+ The perfect read for any curious young mind!