Traditional Chinese Medicine Self-Massage (10-Minute Primer Series, English Edition)

Ein praktischer Ratgeber, 10-Minute Primer Series

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ISBN/EAN: 9787119054650
Sprache: Englisch
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2013


Self-massage, as its name suggests, is the execution of massage on one's own body using simple finger techniques for the purpose of preventing and curing diseases, keeping fit and prolonging life. Selfmassage is one of the earliest means of preventive and curative health care known to people. When one were injured or when internal disease has manifested in some form on the outside of the body, he or she instinctively rub or touch the affected area to relieve pain. Such subconscious behavior has become a way of treating diseases and an effective measure to prevent and control diseases. Content Introduction TCM Healthcare Self-Massage Benefits of healthcare massage Head massage Selfmassage for the arms Chest and abdomen massage Sides and back massage Selfmassage for the legs Selfmassage for cosmetic purposes Bath massage Massage for weight loss Foot massage Self Tuina for Common Injuries and Ailments Functions oftuina Basic principles of self-tuina for common injuries and ailments Ailments that can benefit from self-tuina Selftuina is not recommended for people with Application of self-tuina for common ailments Headache lnsomnia Dizziness Nearsightedness Neurasthenia Distended abdomen Constipation Diarrhea Toothache Frozen shoulder Cervical spondylosis Stiff neck Stomachache Acupoints on the head and face and their therapeutic properties Acupoints in the upper limbs and their therapeutic properties Acupoints at the chest and abdomen and their therapeutic properties Acupoints on the backand atlumber region and theirtherapeutic properties Acupoints in the lower limbs and their therapeutic properties Ear reflection zones Foot reflection zones FliederVerlag GmbH Unser Webshop: chinashelf.de Kontakt: info@fliederverlag.de Facebook: @china.shelf.europe, Instagram: Chinashelf_online